Robotics Club

Located in the biggest drone building in Europe, the ENAC Robotics Club welcomes you for an exceptional experience !
If you are interested in new technologies, if you are regularly going to the closest FabLab, or just curious, come join the club and take part in the biggest French robotics competition !

The French robotics championship

This is the main competition in which the Robotics Club participates – it takes place every year during May at La-Roche-sur-Yon where more than 200 other teams, mostly from engineering schools, await us.

By joining us, you will be part of the adventure and will have to build two fully-autonomous robots that have to meet as many objectives as possible in a limited time.

No previous knowledge is required – only motivation and good spirit !

A fully-equipped club

Inside a 60m² premises, you will be able to find all the materials you need to design robots and prepare side projects for the French robotics competition. You may be a saw master, the king of electronics, an outstanding computer scientist, the founder of 3D-printing, or a complete beginner, you will have access to a complete set of high quality material !

The club possesses a 3D-printer, a complete mechanical workshop, an incalculable amount of electronic components, circuit conception tools, and a whole lot more!

More than just a club!

Gathering a great number of passionate people and engineers, you will be able to exchange and discover many technical and scientific fields.

The club has increasingly more contacts with local companies and ENAC researchers, giving you the opportunity to start your professional career thanks to your acquaintances and your involvement !

Join us!
Come visit the club! Meet us during our weekly meeting on Tuesday at 6pm (room Z2-008), inside the new drone building next to residences and the new Mermoz building.
Contact us on social networks if you are looking for more information.
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President of the Robotics Club - IENAC18