Improv Theatre

Every monday from 5.30 to 7.30 at the Théâtre de Poche (=pocket theatre) – Blue Room – Orly building

The improv theatre workshop gives you the opportunity to have some entertaining, rewarding, creative and funny time. In fact, you would create a story with characters and emotional, eventful situation – live in front of the stunned eyes of your comedian partners.

We invite you to take on challenges, push aside your habits, practice and develop “listening, affirmation, reactivity” in addition to some basis of a better personal feelings and emotions management.

Each meeting begins with a warm-up before going on stage to create, imagine and have fun!

 » Improv is not about preparing nothing, but being prepared for anything !  »

 » Only those who do nothing never make any mistake  »

 » To fail, to fail again, to fail better  »


In charge of the Improv Theatre Club - IENAC17