Debating Club

About this club :

Fancy making your point, building a case and convincing other people of an opinion? If you’d like to brush up on your public speaking skills, come debate in a super friendly international atmosphere.

Where and what :

We meet every Tuesday at 5:30 pm to debate on a huge variety of topics and host events with other schools as well.

Previous debate topics include :

• legalise euthanasia

• rap music is bad for youth

• art censorship

• nuclear energy
• etc 


ENAC debating club and you :

You are going to meet new people, improve your English skills and build nerves of steel at the same time as learning to think critically and developing public speaking skills. You can participate in various ways, by judging, speaking or just watching until you build up confidence.


ENAC debating club and you :

Enac Debating Club started in November 2012 and now participates regularly in competitions with local schools (TBS, ENSEEIHT, SUPAERO etc;) as well as taking part in international competitions in Paris and abroad.


How to join us ?

All are welcome – your level of English or prior experience in debating does not matter.

For more information, contact and we hope to meet you soon!


English Teacher at ENAC