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Welcome to the ENAC’s student life website !

Among all the information available here, you will be able to find :
 – The Guide which will give you some insights on your life at ENAC – and we advise you to read it.
 – some of the activities you can participate in at ENAC the menu or through the sections below.

An English version of each page is available by clicking the button on the top right of your screen on every French-written page.

Should you have any questions, you can send a message to the contacts at the bottom of each page : they are the ones in charge of the said club or association thus the most appropriate ones to give you a proper answer.

Whenever you need it or want to, you can contact the ENAC’s Students Association – the BDE – through their Facebook page Bde ENAC or you can send a message to any of its members directly by mail or Facebook.