Are you willing to try a physical and tactical sport involving martial arts and peace of mind?       

The ASENAC offers a very large array of sports. Within all these disciplines, you could try Chinese boxing, also known as Sanda.
But what really is Chinese boxing? It is a martial art allowing a wide range of hits, using your feet, fists and ground projection.

Why should you try this combat sport?
• Easy adaptation to every fighting style thanks to multiple techniques available.
• Lessons take place at the CREPS, a gym equipped with 4 boxing rings and 10 punching bags.
• A renowned teacher: Hou Lin, three times Sanda Chinese champion used to train athletes taking part in National and European championships.
• A physical training improving your cardio and stamina.

You will need your FFSU licence that you can get at the Sports Office in the gymnasium allowing you to take lessons in every sport course
for as little as 27 a year

Training place

CREPS – 1 avenue Édouard Belin 31055 TOULOUSE Cedex 4 (access possible through a gate on the campus)


Monday  8 p.m. – 10 p.m. / Wednesday 8.15 p.m. – 10.15 p.m.


Facebook : Groupe ENAC BOXING CLUB

Boxing club representatives :


             Yannick QUENARD (professeur d’EPS)                                                                                                              Thomas GONZALEZ (IENAC16)

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Picture of the ENAC Chinese Boxing club 2016-2017 team

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See you soon on the ring !!

Hou Lin high-kicking