Choreo 2017-2018

The ENAC has got its own cheerleading team! And it is taking part in a whole lot of events – especially in the EAG and TISE (INSA – Supaero – ENAC Tournament).

For a year, boys and girls together put up a 10-minute long choreography mixing different dancing styles, gymnastic and acrobatics – the main goal being of course to win against Suapero, ENSMA, Madrid and Rome!

No need to be a good dancer or a trained gymnast, everyone is welcomed in the team. By taining one to two hours per week, the team is able to put up a show that it will unveil on various occasions throughout the year.

So stop hesitating and go like our Facebook page then come train with us!

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FB Page

Clarisse BENALI

Cheerleader Chief - IENAC17


Cheerleader Chief - IENAC17 - BDE Member

Annelise CAPLOT

Cheerleader Chief - IENAC17 - BDE Member


Cheerleader Chief - IENAC17 - BDE Member