If for you, a team sport is above all 11 players, a round ball and an absence of spirit of fair -play, then, ENAC FC is for you!

How to join us

As for each sport association, you have to integrate the AS ENAC and pay a 27€ licence if you want to participate in the competition.

For the men’s team, the training sessions are on Mondays from 6 PM to 8 PM on the ENAC’s synthetic field, and the games are on Wednesdays at 6.30 PM for the first team, and at 8.30 PM for the second one.

For the women’s team, the training sessions are on Sunday from 7PM to 9PM on the ENAC’s sythetic field, and the games are on Mondays at 8 PM for most of them – depending on the teams’s availabilities.

The competitions


The FC ENAC participates in every event throughout the year such as:

– TISE (Sports tournament between INSA, SUPAERO et l’ENAC)
– EAG (European Aeronautics Games – a european tournament on the ENAC’s campus)
– DGET (Sports tournament between all the Toulouse schools)

For more information on rankings or championship results during the year, everything is put on the FFSU (French Federation for University Sports) website:

A team spirit

2 eleven-player mens’ teams and 1 eight-player women’s team to stomp on ENSMA and win the championship !


Whole lot of events

An integration week-end is being planned so be ready for dinners at Toulouse tapas bars and for the free bar at the BDE parties.
You can also come and enjoy a good game screened at the Foyer with beer and pizza or fried chicken instead of watching it alone at your place !

Never have I seen such a promising and talented team.

Zinédine Zidane

Future National French team trainer, FFF

Contact :

Pierre LEFEUVRE – IENAC17 – BDE Member

President / Trainer