The #1 sport in Toulouse

Now that you are at ENAC, you are a Toulouse citizen! While here you will not be able to miss the official sport – so whether you are a beginner, an expert or a sports enthusiast, the XV ENAC (pronounced quinze [kanz] ENAC) invites you every Tuesday at 6 p.m. to train!
The men’s team plays a fifteen-player rugby game and the women’s team plays an eight-player game.

A women’s team

At ENAC, rugby is not male exclusive – on the contrary it is unmissable for women and the women’s team has many members and awards! Leave aside prejudices and preconceived ideas – our female players are beginners and are far from being cement all-muscular blocks so no reason not to try out this sport!
It is said no one has ever left after the first attempt 😉

After the games

Playing rugby with the XV ENAC also means playing the ‘third half-time’ – celebrating victory with pizza and beverages! At the XV, we are one big family coming together on a regular basis to share tapas dinner at La Tantina! And it is also a great time to benefit from free rounds offered by the club…

A Rugby WEI

Every year we are organizing an Integration Week-End (WEI) which is the perfect time to get to know your teammates better.

A day spent parkouring up high in the trees followed by a barbecue and an outdoor party where you will be required to learn all the typical South-West of France songs!

Pink Floyd Rugby

It is a dynamic network allowing us all to keep in touch even after our ENAC years and meet up from time to time to compete or train together. Playing against your older fellow ENAC students is the best means to learn from them and why not find a traineeship in one of the Pink Floyd player’s company!

Our partnership

The XV ENAC has built a strong, durable and exclusive partnership with the Toulouse Rugby Stadium (Stade Toulousain) which offers us the possibility to attend professional games at a really low price!


President of the XV ENAC Association (Men) - IENAC17


Vice-President of the XV ENAC Association - IESSA17 - BDE Member